Catching Up

It’s been a while since I’ve posted – almost four months which in the life of a Bug is eternity.  In the case of my Bug, not so much but still much as happened.

  • Ben qualified for Nurse Next Door and has been doing really well.  He now gets to sleep within his own patterns and lives without two frustrated parents wishing him back to sleep.  He has two lovely night nurses who cross their fingers that he sleeps through the night but if he doesn’t, happily play, feed or settle him.  When Ben falls asleep at 6:00 p.m. we no longer panic to keep him awake in fear of sleepless nights and instead he gets to sleep when he needs it.  
  • My mom became Ben’s official Development Specialist with GRIT.  After lots of list making, pros and cons considering and thought sharing, we decided to keep Ben in GRIT as we feel his specialists have great ideas and suggestions for Ben’s development.  We decided that school was (or is for the time being) not the best environment for him, that restricting his programming to three crammed hours was actually hindering his development and some other things that don’t need to be publicly shared were not in Ben’s best interest.  Since changing the way he is presented opportunities – time of day, interaction, and really following Ben’s lead he has progressed tremendously.  He has demonstrated an increased interested in his standing frame, started reaching and removing things from buckets – moving them into new places and even testing out food again.  (thanks Mom!)
  • He has gained weight.  His doctor actually stated that he didn’t need to weigh him last appointment because he was looking round.  Yah right!  But the sentiment is nice!
  • He has increased his daily intake by almost a full 8oz (a bottle!).  I actually had to call Home Nutrition and ask for an increase in formula!
  • He is starting to move his arm as if to wave when you say good bye.
  • AND his vocabulary/sound making has become much more expressive.   
  • Lastly, we purchased a new piece of equipment that we received on Thursday – the GoTo Seat from FireFly and Ben appears to really enjoy sitting in it.  We’ll see if there’s a “honey moon period” with it but so far, so good.

    I think that’s it… for now!




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