Pushing Limitations

I find it very frustrating as a parent of a special needs child when parents refuse to accept more.  When labels, pre-conceived ideas or even history negatively impact pushing the “limits” of our children.  I personally believe that by allowing these ideas of what our children can only be, that we’re deciding just how much of a person they get to be.

Why do we not constantly lift barriers by encouraging people to overcome their diagnosis?  Or work within their abilities to be more than just their diagnosis?  When did the smallest accomplishment become a resting point for success?

I don’t expect that Benjamin will overcome his disability but I do believe that by constantly challenging him and offering him opportunities that he will become more of himself.  Development, no matter on what level, is the epitome of the human spirit; we grow, we change, we evolve.  It drives me absolutely insane and sometimes to tears when I see other parents accepting that their child is exactly what they’ll be right now; when parents refuse to believe that their child can be so much more.


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