Enter 2016

2015 was pretty awesome for Ben.  I have written this blog post a few times over the past weeks but was scared to hit “publish” as I didn’t want to jinx it before the new year hit.

Best news from last year?  NOT A SINGLE HOSPITAL STAY.  Not one.  Not for observation, not for a procedure, not for an emergency.  NOTHING.  Ben wasn’t even admitted to emerg. at ALL last year.  That may sound ludicrous… pointing out something like this but when you’ve spent weeks at the hospital and left with so many times with unanswered questions… when the condition your son has such little documentation and information…  something like this is UNBELIEVABLE.

I’ve said it before, I will say this over and over.. we are are so grateful for Ben’s doctors (McGonigle & Chatur), his specialists and for his overnight nurses.  Their teams, along with my mom, Ben’s sisters, his three other grandparents, aunts and uncles truly make such a difference in his and our life.  I will never be a parent that says we “struggle” with his condition because our support system is so incredible.  THANK YOU SO MUCH, all of you!

Fingers crossed for another year of health and happiness!  Here’s to Year 8!





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