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The Downside of Not Growing

The downside of Benjamin growing at such a slow rate is that when he does suddenly sprout an extra inch, his needs change dramatically.  This summer, Ben surpassed the “he’s still small enough to use an infant bucket seat” which was both awesome and scary.  Suddenly we needed new support equipment and FAST!

Hello fundrazr.com website!  In a week and a half we managed to raise enough money for Ben to get both a new reclining car seat which specifically addresses the needs of children with disabilities and for two new sleep systems (one for our house and one for the day home) – we are still incredibly grateful for everyone’s generosity.

Bug loves his car seat!  We had been borrowing one from his day program so we already knew how well it fit and how to adapt it properly but it still makes me smile when I watch him look out the window at the momentum passing by; I know he cannot really focus or see anything in particular when we’re moving but how fabulous is it that he’s even aware of outside (on the plane to Jamaica he also watched out the window).  Thank you for your help in obtaining this critical piece of equipment!

Now we’re onto sleeping and borrowing a Dakota chair from Home Care.  I have never seen him sleep so comfortably or stay warm like he has been the past few nights.  We can’t wait to meet with the company and get one made specifically to his size!

Dakota Chair Britax Car Seat Dakota Chair Britax Car Seat


A True Once in a Lifetime Experience

The Make a Wish experience has far surpassed any expectations we ever considered.  If not for Francois’ cousins suggesting we apply, this past week would never have happened. We learned so much not only about Benjamin, but ourselves and of the people we were so fortunate to meet along this journey.

We left for Jamaica last Thursday with a sense of uncertainty; Benjamin was sick for the first time in months and we knew that the plane ride would only add to his congestion.  Though unsure how the week would inevitably go, we were also optimistic and excited to see what was to come.

Firstly, the customer service and assistance from West Jet was unmatched on all four legs of our trip to and from Jamaica.  The staff were helpful and we had staff greet us, take us through customs and security and escort us to our next gate.  We were also given the privilege of hanging out with the pilots and staff on both our plane ride from Montego Bay back to Toronto (sorry for Avery’s question about going #2 on airplanes) and then Toronto to Edmonton.  We are extremely grateful to the airline for its compassion and partnership with Make A Wish; they made our journey much more comfortable and stress free.

Our resort, Beaches Ocho Rios was lovely… with it being the quiet season (aka kids returning to school and hurricanes), we estimate that there were only about one hundred other guests.  Each night, there was a Sesame Street show which included opportunities to interact with various characters and throughout the day, characters wandered through the resort to say hello.  There are also tons of opportunities to do special activities with the “kids”; Poppy started calling them her “kids” mid-week.  We took part in an All Access Photo Shoot with most of the characters which Benjamin loved.  The staff in costume were so incredibly kind and made a clear, obvious effort to include Ben in their hugs, high fives and hair tousles.  Ben, Poppy and even Avery enjoyed hanging out with the Sesame Street crew.  Avery even got to sing in a talent show!

Leaving for Jamaica, we were excited that Ben would get to hang out with Elmo but we never imagined just how he would react to the opportunity to swim.  We know Ben loves to splash and play in the water, but as mentioned so many times before, each time we take him to swim, whether it be at the lake in forty degree weather or an indoor pool, he gets sick.  Without fail.  However, as the water and air temperature are close in range in Jamaica (and we figured he was already sick, so what did it matter), Ben spent time in the pool area each day.  The smile on his face and laughter were unlike anything we have experienced with him before.  It was far better than anything we could have dreamt for him.  We took him on small waterslides and watched him go ballistic as we splashed down into the water.  Francois even managed to video tape him a couple of times so we can share it with our family.  It was both inspiring and heart breaking; we so wish we could provide that same opportunity for him here (or make millions of dollars so we could afford to go more often!).  I am not sure there are even words to describe the overwhelming love and adoration we have for Ben and then to see him like that, made everything feel more complete.  It truly was his “once in a lifetime” opportunity and he absolutely, without a doubt, had the time of his life.

The staff at the resort were incredible and I know that people will say that, that’s just their job however, I disagree.  The staff at Beaches went above and beyond to make sure we were comfortable at all times.  We especially would like to thank our concierge Renae, our breakfast and lunch hostesses Susan, Gracelyn and Juanita and our waiter at the Venetian, Carlos – we know you felt something for our Ben and we felt it too; thank you for loving him the moment you held him.

I don’t know what else I can say about Ben’s Make A Wish trip other than it was wonderful.

Thank you to our Make A Wish team – Aissa, Lauren and Katherine for taking us on this amazing journey and all your support in preparing for it.  And a sincerest thank you to Packers Plus, the company that sponsored Ben’s wish.  We will be forever grateful.


xoxoDSCN1632 IMGP1191 DSCN1668

Music to his ears

On the long weekend, we were honored with tickets to the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra’s Symphony Under the Sky event in Hawrelak Park.  It was set up by one of our Wish Granters from Make a Wish, Katherine,  and turned out to be an absolutely amazing experience.

We are never quite sure how Ben will manage in large group settings but as always, he blew us away.  When the music started – Benjamin went still and would listen intently.  For nearly two hours both Sunday and Monday, he sat pretty still, listening to the ESO perform a variety of songs and melodies. Francois and I both noticed when Ben recognized a song, as he perked up a little higher and his movements settled.  It was truly eye opening for us and proves, as in history, just how good music is for the soul.

Thank you so much to Mike from the ESO for allowing us to attend such an incredible event as your guests!

Unbelievably Grateful

I’ve tried to write this post so many times but then I start to cry and can’t think of anything clever or properly thankful to write.

Francois and I are completely overwhelmed and appreciative of all the support we received over the past eleven days.  When we started fundraising for Ben’s equipment we figured nothing bad could come of it and maybe we could get a little money to help us out.


YOU have no idea how much the smallest of contributions has made.  YOU who donated to us, have no idea how in complete awe we are of YOU.  We are completely grateful for YOU.

We cannot say it enough so here it is one last time.. we sincerely thank each of you – those who contributed, those who shared on social media, those who passed along Ben’s message, those who hold him, care about him and love him as much as we do.


First Fan Mail I’ve Written

I feel slightly ridiculous in writing a letter to a musician.  However, I also felt that sometimes it’s nice to share when someone has such an impact on Benjamin.

Please excuse the poor writing of this email as I have never contacted someone in the public as this.  My husband and I would like to express gratitude for the past two albums you have released as they have greatly impacted our lives.
My son was born in 2008 with a disorder called Ponti Cerebellar Hypoplasia Type 3 (don’t bother to look it up, it’s depressing!) and within that, it is often difficult to determine what is of value of him and more importantly, makes him happy.  A few years ago, we attended David Gray’s concert in Edmonton in which you opened for him.  We purchased ‘The Waiting” after your performance and immediately found that our son, Ben, loves the sound of your voice and the music of your songs.  He also really enjoys ‘We Were Born to Glory’.  This is extremely significant to us as the only other music he loves as much as yours is Elmo and Sharon, Lois and Bram (tough competition!).  For the past three weeks, we traveled around the USA and we were worried how he would handle the crazy hours and constant traffic of people; fortunately I had your songs on my phone and was able to play it for him (on repeat…. for hours).  We also put him to bed with music that settles him and your discs remain in the rotation only with the above mentioned others.  🙂
Although it seems like such a little thing, I can ensure that listening to Elmo for hours at a time would have been torture for everyone else in the car; thank you for saving all of us from that nightmare.  More importantly, thank you for creating music that my son loves and identifies instantly.
We all look forward to future releases and hopefully a new disc to add to our collection.

Gratefully yours

And I pressed send…. even though I still felt silly.  🙂